Merillat Kitchen Cabinets Versus The Messy Kitchen Refrigerator kitchen remodelDoor

If you are like my family you could really use the Merillat Kitchen Cabinet Communication Center. Our current communication center system entails an unofficial game of putting as much stuff on the front and sides of the refrigerator as possible.

And this is not the whole story. Notes, house keys, memorabilia and more also get littered around the house. The extra key you are leaving for your child finds its way to the foyer table, the back counter, or kitchen counter. A post it note has fallen onto the floor, and unfortunately stays there. Pencils and pens migrate from the counter to the floor and somehow to the crevices of the couch. But they are not in an obvious space when you need to write something down. And finally that important message is buried under layers of fliers, offers, and papers on the fridge door.
This is not an exaggeration as there are layers of notes, pics, and instructions layered on the front of the fridge. While It is useful, it doubles as an eyesore. Also there is no rhyme or reason to the communication. You just pop up whatever with a magnet on top and hope everyone remembers to look (or dig) for the important morsel of information. Until now.

Merilliat Kitchen Cabinet Communication System Features

Imagine taking one of those cabinet panels and making it an organized set place to put notes and messages. The Merillat Kitchen cabinet center has:

  • Key hooks
  • Dry erase boards
  • Pencil Holder
  • Magnetic backsides
  • And most importantly…a door that shuts keeping any message clutter in

Merillat Kitchen Communication CenterAnd The Merillat Cabinet Door Makes All The Difference

And it sits underneath a Merillat cabinet door using the same materials and finishes of your Merillat kitchen design. On top of that it is positioned on the side of the outside cabinet, using dead space which was previously unusable
You cannot get away from it. Meals and snacks bring everyone to this all purpose room and while technology has made it easy to communicate, sometimes the simplest solutions can be the best. The Merillat communication center uses the cabinetry landscape of the kitchen to coordinate all the families activities..without gaudy equipment or eyesores.

Other Merillat Cabinet Organization Items

There are other organization tools available in the Merillat Kitchen Cabinet universe. This includes a pull down under cabinet drawer that does similar things to the Merillat Kitchen Cabinet Communication Center.

Adding It Into Your Kitchen Remodeling Project Or Kitchen Cabinet Redesign

Let an Accent Kitchen professional designer help you choose the right kitchen cabinet layout for your family. The Merillat Communication center is one of many unique space saving features that we can add in to your current kitchen. And there is no charge to have us design it for you! Just fill out this form and contact us.

But Battling Clutter Will Always Be An Ongoing Battle…

Even the best kitchen cabinet organization system can go up in smoke. The key is to battle kitchen clutter vigilantly. Here are some links to some resources to help you do just do that.

The Family Handyman tackles Kitchen Cabinet Clutter….

This is a great article on avoiding kitchen clutter. The Merillat system is one of many great products that can help you do this. But the reasoning behind it can also help you. Managing your kitchen counter space is more than just making sure you keep your counters clear, thought that helps.

Planning the space out can help you make sure you are using your space properly as well as using all of your space. You tend to see dead space in kitchen designs with open air areas that could be used for organization. This is one thing you have to do. Find designs and tools that help you reclaim that space. The Merillat Communication center is an example of one way to do this, but working with your kitchen designer and space planner is also important.

Article link

Kitchen Counter Clutter Versus Mom

Here is a clip whose identifier says ‘brought to you by Mom’. Who can be better than organizing that kitchen thanMom. Here are some practical tips to help reduce clutter as it festers on your countertops. Enjoy..

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