Kitchen Cabinets and Space Planning TipsSometimes the problem with making your kitchen, and kitchen cabinets, seem better is not color, or glass accents, or even overall design. It is  bottlenecks created by overcrowding. More specifically it is clutter. Clutter in the shelves, on the counters and all over can disrupt the flow of people through your kitchen. No bright color or glass panel is going to make up for you being a pack rat.

So what do you do?

Seek out devices and space saving conveniences to put into those kitchen cabinets. Here are a few tips tips on some things you may not have known were available to you.

Conquering the Kitchen Island

·        Use the kitchen island to help you manage space and control the flow of the room. Here are a few things to consider

·        Make sure you are maximizing cabinet space underneath the island.

·        Use the top of the Island to add an auxiliary sink or burner. This frees up someone to use the main kitchen area uninhibited.

·        Consider using one of the lower cabinet shelves on the kitchen cabinet to put the microwave. This separates convenience usage from someone really using the stove to cook. Even a simple change like this can increase traffic flow in the kitchen and reduce the feeling of clutter

·        Use the space above the island to store pots

·        Use a small portion of the kitchen island counter as a wine chiller

·        Put a wine chiller in the side of the island for fast access but low space signature

·        You can use a portion of the island as an area for a pull out trash can

·        You can have the island modified with warming zones

·        The island can have refrigerated drawers for fast access to things you use all the time

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