Don’t sacrifice that dead space above the kitchen island. It is a simple and economical way to add immediate value to your kitchen remodeling project without a huge investment of capital. Sometimes the best way to utilize space in this room is to take dead space and turn it into usable space.

Storing the pots: More choices in your remodeled kitchen

This clip gives a quick review of some of the different lines of above island and other kitchen area pot storage. While it goes into intense detail, it might be a good way to helping you start accessing your usage needs as you figure out what the best pot storage configuration is for you and your family.

Kitchen Cabinets, flooring, and countertops

Our designer at Accent Kitchen Renovation in Virginia Beach can go over a multitude of options with you. They will provide a FREE estimate in 2 days for you to get a budget of what you would be looking for. They can also answer any questions you may. There are no dumb questions, the kitchens we design, refurbish, recabinet, remodel, or renovate are totally customized to what you want and need.