kitchen islandI saw a great clip on Youtube going over some fantastic choices for your island for your kitchen renovation. No one wants to think they have missed out on a new design or unique kitchen renovation offering. The kitchen island, whether going into a large or small space, will quickly become the center hub of the kitchen, making it critically important.

Look through these designs and our gallery and get some ideas of what you would like to see in your dream kitchen. One thing to consider..even beyond  a spectacular structure there are a lot of technological  solutions that can be integrated into the island like:

    1. warming drawers
    2. refrigerator
    3. stoves
    4. sink
    5. recycling or disposal area
    6. smart counter
    7. ultra efficient organization adds that improve storage
    8. bar or seating area

The key is to come in and start going over some FREE designs with us at Accent Kitchens. With decades of experience whe can balance budget with design. Contact us for more information