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Looking For Renovation Solutions For Your Kitchen

No kitchen space is too small or too big to renovate. Here in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, or greater Hampton Roads the key is to have a great designer that knows how to work with it and make it work for you. A good renovation for your kitchen, kitchen cabinets, or kitchen re-facing project must look at the space and see what elements of Accent kitchen remodeling can help you get the most out of that space.

The Kitchen Peninsula Maximizes Space

A small kitchen doesn’t mean you’re not going to have a beautiful dream luxury kitchen. It just means you’re gonna have to make the space work for you. Space includes not just the circumference around the room, but also the area from the floor to the ceiling. This is where design elements like the smart use of cabinets, countertops and organization can make the kitchen work for you. One really critical element to include when working with limited space is the kitchen peninsula.

The Kitchen peninsula is a piece of countertop that runs perpendicular to the adjoining cabinet. Basically it’s a barrier that allows you to have a little more space instead of just one giant room that flows seamlessly into kitchen space. The Peninsula breaks out and defines the kitchen area.

And Don’t Forget Additional Kitchen Storage

The Kitchen peninsula also gives you area for more cabinets. This means more storage space. I am yet to hear of anyone say they have too much kitchen space. I have heard them say they are in a house that may be too big, but no one laments a large kitchen. You could also put one of the appliances under the peninsula, which would allow you even better use of the kitchen space.


In a compact kitchen it is one thing to section, but a whole other scenario when you can actually add space. The dead space that the Peninsula know occupies gives you additional countertop area for meal creation and other preparatory tasks. It also becomes a functional counter and bar where you can serve food. This can be done buffet style, or it can be done as an actual bar with pull up stools. So with this one renovation feature, you have add counter space, a serving bar, and a makeshift counter table.

Not Just For Small Kitchens

Even when space is abundant, a peninsula is a fantastic addition to your kitchen. Coupled with an island it can really give you an incredible work area and let you get the most out of your kitchen square footage.

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