The ultimate Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Chesapeake, or Newport News Bathroom starts with a great design. By design I am referring to the floor and wall covering.

The floor and wall covering in a bathroom are often two of the most distinctive elements you can use in creating an atmosphere and design theme. Like many aspects of the bathing area, you might take for granted how important this is to the overall comfort and enjoyment of your luxury dream custom bathroom are.

In many homes, the bathroom has gone from utility to works of art. Making a bathroom that is regal,unique, and interesting is more of a goal than just creating a functional environment for daily hygiene. Whether building a new home or just planning your remodeling project, the things you can do to infuse the design are endless.

Key Questions For The Ultimate Bathroom Remodel

Sometimes the best way to begin your remodeling project is to ask yourself a few questions. They are:

  1. What options are available to me with my bathroom remodel?
  2. What luxury items can I get for my bathroom with my budget?

Once you record your answers, it is then time to begin reviewing the logistics and cost of the project. This is where we come in. Let Accent Kitchens and Bath help you with your answer as you start your Virginia Beach or Newport News Bathroom project.

Bathroom Remodeling Details in Virginia Beach

Naturally a bathroom can be as plain or exotic as you like. While design is important you still have to consider the basic elements which are:

  • The toilet
  • The shower/ tub
  • The sink
  • The floor/ wall covering

Naturally our focus in on the floor and walls for design purposes. Not to say that the number of things you can do with these things is not endless but the biggest influence of the design is these two elements.

The Process: Remodeling Your Virginia Beach Bathroom with the right floor and wall look..

Nothing is going to add beauty to a bathroom more than a clean, sophisticated floor and wall covering design. The mood and feel of this oasis will be heavily influenced by how you combine materials, patterns and positioning. With simple elements you can create the kind of atmosphere you want in even the smallest spaces.

The role of stone and aggregate

When considering the dream bathroom, the discussion quickly turns to design. And once you begin talking about design it is very likely you will be looking at options with stone and tiling to beautify the room.

In fact, I don’t think there are many luxury bathrooms where these two elements aren’t at least part of the design. Even in cases where teakwood or non aggregate materials are used, you will still see tiling and stonework mixed in. A key component to consider in this equation

So popular stone bathroom floors are a trend…

A trend in modern bath remodeling, here in Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, and beyond is to use different forms of coarse aggregate for a combination of the flooring, shower, and wall covering in a remodeled or new bathroom.

Here is the breakdown of some of the basic covering categories that are used which include:

  • Pebble
  • Stone
  • Tile
  • Teakwood

Naturally tiling and stone are the most dominant materials you see in a luxury bathroom.

Advantages of stone and tile for bathroom floors

Natural aesthetics

Many of the advantages of using a stone or pebble look on the bathroom walls, floors, or combination thereof is the natural beauty it brings. It invokes a clean natural state as these materials resemble things you would find in nature versus just manufactured products.

Adds Value To The Home

Stone looks less manufactured than a linoleum covering. It also adds value to the bathroom and the home. When you see stone in a bathroom, it adds an unstated elegance to the room. It is very recognizable and makes the bathroom appear more natural.

Color Patterns

This might seem like an odd benefit but stone products often have multiple shades of a color or colors of varying saturation. This makes it easier to add an ensemble of elements without any single colors clashing.

Shape variations

It might seem trivial but one thing that gives stone and aggregate floor and wall bath coverings a huge advantage is their natural shapes break up the space. The roundness of a pebble, next to the straight plank of teakwood, or the square symmetrical design of tile, gives the bathroom depth and texture, small details which are pleasing to the eye.

Now the drawbacks of some basic stone or aggregate materials

The number one thing you usually hear when you see a luxury bathroom design is, how much does it cost and how much maintenance does it need. Yes stone and aggregate are porous and require more maintenance than a man made material. It also commands a greater initial cost than man made floor coverings.

So you pay more up front and you have to reseal it periodically.

Floor and wall tiling: The perfect complement to stone

Naturally a favorite for the floors and walls in a bathroom are traditional tiles. These are a great base but you can add in other materials to give the bathroom a unique feel. Stone is the perfect complement to the stoic tile look.

Two tone floors and walls

Combining pebbles or stones of varying colors can add a dynamic to the typical tile bathroom floor. This two tone look is elegant and unique.

Artistic inlays in the floor

You probably have seen tile patterns where two tone tiles are placed on the bathroom floors and walls. It has a desirable effect. But you can also embed other stone designs or shapes in a bed of coarse aggregate natural stones and tile on the walls as covering. This design will really stand out.

Complementary elements

Even if you want to go traditional with your bathroom tiling you can add in a bar or stripe of aggregate to give the room artistic texture and depth. You do not have go overboard to add a unique element to your design.

The finishing touches

The Good Bad And Ugly of using natural stone

Looking for a unique design

Come see what other Virginia Beach families have used for their designs. With 20 years experience we at Accent Kitchens and Bath can show you actual designs that people selected and why.

To conclude if you asked many people to picture in their mind what makes a great bathroom you would probably have this idea. I would bet the vision they bring involves some combination of beautiful tiling on the floor and walls. Though not really a practical element, the mood conveyed with stone, porcelain, and tile can transform your bath, toilet and shower space into something incredible

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