How Much Does a New Kitchen or Bath Cost?

That depends largely on the size of your kitchen or bathroom and your preference of products. It also depends upon whether you are doing a total make over with lots of new flooring, electric work and plumbing, or a minor remodel of just changing your cabinets or countertops. We’ve done jobs from $4,500 to more than $100,000 with the average ranging between $12,000 and $28,000. Before you begin, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Why are you remodeling?
  • Are you fixing up in preparation to sell your home?
  • Are you planning to stay there for many years to come?
  • Do you plan to relocate plumbing or appliances?
  • Do you plan to cut or remove walls?
  • Are you making your home more handicap friendly for an older family member?

Your answers will have a big impact on how extensive your project will be and which price range of products will be the most appropriate for your situation. You should also explore your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle, and your expectations. There’s no charge for exploring your project with an experienced designer and you’ll get a no-obligation quote.


What’s the Best Way to Compare Remodeling Prices?

Low-price ads can be deceptive, and often the lowest price is not the best value. So, when comparing remodeling prices, compare the bottom line, make sure it includes everything you want installed. Unfortunately, some retailers and remodelers will advertise very low prices on specific products, then hit you with high prices for extra materials, installation or even delivery. The only fair way to compare is to compare the bottom line – that’s the total price for everything – for all products delivered and installed.


Trying to compare individual prices for each item in the estimate is usually unnecessary if you are hiring one company to do the total job. The total price for the total job, that’s what’s important. For example, the price of new flooring material is only part of the whole project. You need to include the cost of removing the old flooring, installing the new material, plus the cost of moldings and transition strips and hauling away the old floor. Ask to keep all left-over materials; they may come in handy for future repairs.


For any remodeling job, shop carefully and always compare the bottom line and be sure to use a reputable licensed contractor.

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