Chesapeake Kitchen Cabinetchesapeake Virginia Map Remodel: Featuring Mahogany

This is an actual project from Accent Kitchens and Bath in Chesapeake Virginia. Designed and installed for a house in the Greenbrier section, it is a great example of what great space planning can do for your kitchen, transforming it from an overcrowded space to one that maximizes every inch of space. The redesign gives additional space but still leaves an illusion of space.

 The Kitchen Island

Adding an island is a great way to free up space on the main counters. This Greenbrier Chesapeake kitchen makes full use of this design feature as the center point of the room. It also becomes a fully functioning dining area for a a casual meal. It also becomes a staging area for prepping dishes when the main counter space is tied up. One simple chair is more than functional since it is usually a very informal meal that is eaten on the island.

Better than a dining room table

Many people do not actually use their dining room as a place to dine regularly. In fact, many people do not have a dining room at all. The world has changed. In the hustle and bustle of raising a family in the Greenbriar section of Chesapeake, you need to think practicality when it comes to kitchen matters.

Using an island as a dining area puts a makeshift table right in the kitchen. It uses dead open space and is a great place to enjoy a meal quickly.

2 day free kitchen quote
2 day free kitchen quote

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Area

The refrigerator is embedded into an armoire style cabinet that features lots of storage and maximizes the space. By building the cabinets around the refrigerator compartment, lost space has been converted into useful storage which opens up the amount of available space in this Greenbriar home.

Bar and Serving area linked right above the cabinets

A great way to conserve space is to design the kitchen space to be used in multiple ways. For example. this particular Chesapeake homeowner wanted a serving bar area that faces out to the adjoining room. Naturally space is always at a premium. The solution was to make the top of the far counter a bar area for serving guest or dining. Once again economy of space is the goal here.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets Accessorized With Dark Appliances

When you begin deciding the look of your kitchen cabinets, backsplash on counter surfaces, you need to think how the COMBINATION of elements will affect the mood of the room. In this case the use of light taupe silostone counter tops complements the dark mahogany of the cabinets

 Offset With The Backsplash Area

With such a dark veneer, the need for balance with some lighter colors becomes tantamount. This is accomplished primarily with a big window right above the main sink. Naturally this takes some emphasis off the backsplash as a design element but the amount of sunlight streaming in more than makes up for it.

At night, when there is no light coming in, another lighting fixture is positioned right over the sink area. This adds additional light to this key area.

Style Elements


The lighting was replaced with a combination of recessed studio lighting and ornamental mini chandelier like designs. The lighting fixtures are an easy way to add some style elements without going “overboard”

Glass Cabinets

One of the most popular ways to showcase some art, collectibles, or fine China is with glass cabinets. Glass cabinets coupled with the dark mahogany give an air of class and distinction when paired with the dark elegance of the room.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Featuring Mahogany

Looking for ideas for that dream Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Newport News or Williamsburg kitchen remodel, kitchen cabinet change, or backsplash. Check out this Pinterest board of different designs that incorporate the mahogany color we installed our Chesapeake, Virginia Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling job.