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Top Knobs Hardware

Sturdy and Clean.
Elegant Designs.
Lasting Quality

Expect the best from Top Knobs Hardware and you won't be disappointed.

Persisting craftsmanship is the thing that you will discover with Top Knobs Hardware – each bureau handle, cabinet force, snare or apparatus at Top Knobs is made after a rich convention of value and consideration regarding engineering subtle element. You can feel it in the heaviness of their bureau handles and see it in the character of our hand-completed plans. Top Knobs totally fixed completions guarantee their handles will keep going for quite a long time, so you don’t see wear on the bureau handles and cabinet pulls you utilize most. That is the reason Top Knobs Hardware unquestionably offer a restrictive lifetime guarantee for the first buyer.

The bureau and cabinet handles and pulls that are loaded at the Big Box Stores are regularly empty. On the off chance that the handle is light in weight, odds are it is empty. You may likewise see that the back of the handle or draw is additionally empty. This decreases the measure of metal in the handle or force, which diminishes the expense and life span of the handle. On the off chance that easy routes have been gone up against the metal, at that point it’s additionally likely that alternate ways have been gone up against the complete – less coats, less cleaning, less layers of defensive veneer, and in this manner more powerless against discoloring, the get done with rubbing off, and changes to the complete shading after some time.

Most Top Knobs items are strong metal – strong metal, bronze, press, steel, and so forth. A strong handle is far less powerless against marking or wrinkling. The screw strings broaden

through the strong handle, making it far less helpless against stripping than an empty handle with far less strings. Each Top Knobs item is hand completed – they are smooth to the touch with no unpleasant edges.

Top Knobs has a product offering of more than 3,000 kitchen, shower and wardrobe handles and cabinet pulls to coordinate your individual style and stylistic theme. A considerable lot of their handles meet all requirements for a free example so you can feel the Top Knobs distinction. Quality, craftsmanship, life span and determination – with Top Knobs equipment, you spend carefully, rather than spending more.

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