I saw a couple of kitchen redesign and remodeling articles with some good tips on new trends and designs. Most of us are not going to remodel our kitchen every year to fit a designers take on what style it should be. We also do not have the same kitchen needs as any other single person.

Kitchen Remodeling Needs

I want to make that last statement clear. I do not think one single person has the exact same kitchen planning needs as another. Not your next door neighbor, not the kitchen down the street, not anyone. Yes there are some general characteristics all kitchens needs to be used for but you have to start with what you and your family are going to need in your household

Kitchen Remodeling Needs Assessment

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Or if you really do not even know where to begin we can help you there too. We have been remodeling kitchens and bathrooms since 1981. We have seen whole generations grow up in designs we installed in their youth. We can help you find the right design in your budget.

Technology, Design, And Convenience

Unless you have been living under a rock you have seen countless innovations in design and technology as it relates to a modern kitchen. From smart refrigerators that can help you manage your grocery list, to kitchen counter units that let you use every inch of arable space between the floor and wall, there is a lot to choose from. But it is not as complicated as it may seem.

The idea of the kitchen heavily focuses around convenience. This is not the only factor, but it is a big one. As the command center of most homes, the kitchen functions as a

  • Food storage area
  • Pantry
  • Meeting Area
  • Meal Preparation Area

This means you need to use the space wisely and you want to make good use of the time you are in there. In a phrase it boils down to kitchen workflow.

Kitchen Workflow

How you and your family function, or dysfunction, in your kitchen is a good starting point. In our consultative meeting we will go over what you need as well as the parameters of your budget. This will help us design a kitchen for you and your family, not anyone else.

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