The Kitchen Island Revisited

What could be better than one kitchen island?

How about two. I have seen this trend appear on the scene sparsely. I have not seen it fully impact Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, or Portsmouth as a major design choice. It is however very interesting and may be the ideal solution for a number of important things you need your kitchen for.

More Space

The most obvious thing 2 islands is going to do is give you more space. Both countertop space and space beneath the islands. This will allow you to balance off the crowded main counter which is filled with time saving modern appliances and utensils you just have to have.

Separate work stations

With dual kitchen islands you can have set areas for different activites. One island can be a station for paperwork, lounging, school projects. The other one can be a dishwasher or food preparation station. The combinations are endless.

Better use of “dead” space

New ways to utilize the kitchen
One incredible benefit of the island or islands is you can use them in a myriad of ways. They can be used for storage, as a place for appliances, as a prep area, as a dishwashing station, as a kids lounging area and more. It opens up a world of possibilities to be more efficient. With 2 islands even more so.

A way to balance irregular spaces

Not all designs are symmetrical or easy to work in. Everything from ceiling height differences to giant family rooms pose problems when it comes to managing the space. An island allows you to position flexibly to take advantage of this. While one island will usually sit in the middle of the kitchen, the position of the second island is way more flexible. You can also take better advantage of dead space. You know those huge no man’s land gaps between one section of a giant room and another.

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