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Granite Countertops

Granite - Natural Beauty.
Unique Designs.
Timeless Style.

Add lasting value to your home with this natural stone.

Accent Kitchens & Baths provides full service for your new granite countertops.  Long valued for durability and exceptional natural beauty, it has long been an upscale material choice in kitchens and bathrooms.

Granite is a naturally occurring and is porous.  As a result, the granite is coated with a sealant.  Owners typically spend about 30 minutes once a year to enhance the function and protect the stone from staining.

Beyond the stunning variations in color and pattern, granite provides a friendly work surface that is naturally cool to the touch.  Every slab is filled with distinctive movement and you will never grow tired of looking at it.

For your convenience, our showroom is stocked with over 100 granite samples.  These will provide general ideas of color and movement.  Once you have narrowed the choices we suggest visiting the local stone yard to see the full slab to insure the finished product matches your vision.

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