Choosing Countertops

I saw a great video from Today’s Homeowners on choosing kitchen countertops. Naturally choosing countertops is more than just countertops. It is part of your kitchen ensemble complete with functions and features that need to work with the flow of the kitchen. This is of course includes your countertops, kitchen flooring, kitchen cabinets, appliances, and more

Kitchen Countertop Materials

You can mix kitchen materials. While it is not as simple as just choosing one color or material for all your cabinets, counters, and flooring, it can add sophistication. Modern kitchens are blends of designs, materials, ideas, and functions. Coming up with a hybrid kitchen countertop design is often a good complement to this.

Check your design

Like all things, there is a catch. When you are mixing multiple kitchen countertop materials there is a chance that your vision can turn into a mess if design principles are not considered. This is definitely an area where you want to have a professional designer weigh in. Balancing color, texture, and aesthetics is an art form. At  the very least a professional kitchen designer can you show you a composite of what your kitchen will look like.

Is your kitchen design functional For Counters And Cabinets

Sometimes the need to have something be different can detract from the fact that your kitchen focus in not on how you will actually use it. Don’t forget to focus on features and function. Then coordinate your needs with the design. Better yet, coordinate your kitchen needs and designs with the designer.

You CAN Mix multiple materials

This is not to discourage you from mixing materials. But like all things it is important to at least make sure you are going to get what you thought you were going to get, without an unpleasant or visually horrifying results

Understand the limitations of the material

When choosing countertops for your kitchen, or cabinets, appliances etc, make sure you understand the limitations of the materials and colors you are choosing. Every material will have maintenance requirements. It is important to consider this, as excess maintenance may detract from the functionality of your dream kitchen remodel, kitchen countertops, and kitchen cabinets.

Just because it is expensive does not mean maintenance free

I stress kitchen countertop maintenance again because it can be overlooked. Do not make the assumption that high end means less maintenance. Higher end surfaces like stone or granite can be porous. This means they need to be sealed and maintained or they can stain.

Man Made Countertops Do Not Mean Cheap Or Low Quality

Don’t assume that a man made countertop is inferior in quality or prestige. Many of these options offer stunning results with easy maintenance. This can mean a lot more value and beauty is maintained in your newly remodeled kitchen for years to come.

Consider cost

Different materials can come with a hefty price tag. This may not be a price tag you need. See what fits your needs first before feeling compelled to add in features or materials that will blow up your kitchen remodeling budget. A designer can help you with this.

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