The task of remodeling your kitchen might seem overwhelming when you think of all the different things involved and there is a good reason for that. The reason is:

There is a lot involved with remodeling your kitchen

Whether you are going full service, DIY, or something in between, it is not a bad idea to spend a lot of time in the planning phases of your new kitchen design, refacing, or remodeling project. A good starting point is to start seeing what is out there.

Yes, you can look at whole kitchens and new homes but I would say make it even simpler. Take an element of the kitchen. Something that you would never really think of as having a lot of flexibility or options, and see what is out there. For our purposes here, let us take a look at the kitchen sink.

Everything AND the kitchen sink

The sink is something you may not see as a piece offering a lot of potential. But I will show you that you can take something as simple as a kitchen sink into directions you may never have considered. I am also including a Pinterest board with some different designs that looked inspirational. By no means I am suggesting you should go with something outlandish if you want to go with a utilitarian style sink. These are here to show you what is possible, or at the very least, amuse you with some of the unconventional things people have done with their kitchens.

fossil sinkFossil Kitchen Sink Style

This particular design is not meant to be a fossil design. It just reminds me of one. It looks like sculptured porcelain. You are guaranteed to be one of a kind. In this case, the sink makes a statement and can be individualized very much the same way you can with the backsplash behind it.

Two Tone Metallic Trim Sink Design

Two Tone Gold Trim Sink Fixtures

You can also use different paints, textures and metals to take a simple design and make it stand out. In this case the gold spigot makes the sink and kitchen look more regal and upscale

rustic sinkRustic Sinks

I probably would not go for this look. But a version of this, toned down hopefully, might be the perfect addition to a log cabin style home, or country style kitchen.

lumberjack sinkLumberjack Sink

This lumberjack style sink is also a different way to add panache to your kitchen. Very much like the rustic design, it gives a very down home or country effect.

2 day free kitchen quote
2 day free kitchen quote

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