virginia beach kitchen cabinetShould You Choose White Cabinets In Your Virginia Beach Kitchen?

Your sitting down with your kitchen design professional in Virginia Beach, selecting your cabinets. The choices seem endless, so why not go with something simple and classic like white cabinets. White cabinets offer a timeless appeal and beauty but may be considered a little to vanilla. Here are some pros and cons of going with this popular, albeit simple, style.


White Cabinet Designs = Classic Easy To Coordinate Style

Some simplicity is the smartest way to go.

White cabinets go with anything. Any furniture, any backsplash option. They also give you design flexibility if you go with a unique backsplash or different appliance colors. They may also represent a smart move if you ever sell your home. The neutrality of white makes it an easy appeal for most people.

Bathroom White Cabinets Virginia Beach

White Kitchens Are Bright Kitchens

White gives an ethereal warm quality to a room. It gives an air of openness and makes it seem larger. It gives the kitchen an upbeat feel. More elaborate woods and color combinations might make the room seem darker or smaller.

White Kitchens Reveal what needs to be clean

No worry about hidden stains or dirt with white kitchen cabinets. White will show you what needs to be cleaned. This is essential to have that beautiful spotless kitchen.White Kitchen Cabinets help a smaller space if you have a small kitchen space white will make it seem bigger.


Some consider white cabinets to be totally unimaginative and boring.

There are lots, and I mean endless, numbers of kitchen cabinets and color ensembles you can choose from. The kitchen is an opportunity to add your signature on your dream home. White doesn’t really show originality

bay lake pines white cabinets beachWhite Kitchen Cabinets Are Dirt Magnets

White shows EVERY mark. If you have children they are not going to be white anymore. If you have cats they will be white with scratches. This may make it impractical if your kitchen is a domestic war zone

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