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Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ways to deal with kitchen or home problems. Likewise the simple prevention of problems can prove more useful. There are a lot of little pitfalls to maintaining your kitchen,kitchen countertops and cabinets. It is easy to overlook possible problems that occur in modern kitchens. And the reason people overlook them is for two reasons:

  1. They just do not know possible problems that can occur
  2. They do not realize how simple prevention could have been rather than dealing with damage to the kitchen cabinets

Simple kitchen cabinet cures

The second reason usually gets people’s attention. The minute I talk about damage to the kitchen people think of water spilling on the floor, under appliances, AND inside the cabinets, usually right under the sink.

The potential for under the kitchen sink disasters is something that has a more reasonable possibility of occurring than you might realize. Think about it, you have the water line to the sink in this location. This water line and drain area is connected to the disposal and the dishwasher. Backups, stoppages, and pipe leaks are more common than you might realize. So much so that you want to put something in place to prevent problems instead of dealing with a moldy damp area under the sink in which water is destroying your cabinets.

The solution

Naturally there is more than one solution but the key point to take away is there ARE solutions. And many of these are simple. One that I saw recently is a simple sink unit by Merillat. Called Merillat Core Guard it is a sink unit designed with features to prevent water leakage from damaging the cabinet, the floor, or your wallet. The sink features smart design to control water flow and provide easy access to the area under the sink to clean up spills.

This is just one of the many solutions Merillat and Accent Kitchens can do to keep your kitchen, old, new, or in the process of a remodel in ship shape. Come visit our showroom or contact us to see things you can do to protect your investment.

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