You can spend a lot to redo your bathroom or you can be very conservative in your bath remodeling goals. You probably have come to the conclusion that you need to redesign your bathroom. But there is more than just need.

You need someone to design the bathroom and make sure it is structurally sound. You need a bathroom expert or bathroom remodeling contractor to put it together. And then you have to know that your dream tub, sink, shower, and toilet have been installed right. Not a simple task but very doable. Most of all, a great bathroom is very rewarding.

Why A Bathroom Remodel?

Why put your self through the joys of estimating, procuring, demolishing, rebuilding, and inspected a remodeled bathroom. My answer:

Because is it is worth it

You will begin, end,  and spend most days in your bathroom. This is the room where you recharge. A dirty, outdated, uncomfortable, uninspiring bathroom is not going to revitalize you. But the bathroom of your dreams can make a big difference in your daily disposition.

First Things First: Bathroom Remodeling 101

Before you decide on bathroom remodeling in Virginia Beach there are a few things to think about.

These related to matters of form versus function, which is just a fancy way of saying how much practicality or luxury do you want in your dream bath renovation. To get that answer let us start with a few basic questions:

  • What is this bathroom going to be used for?
  • Who in the home is going to use it?
  • How long will you be in the home?
  • Is it a rental home, first, home, or vacation home?
  • Is it part of an investment property?

Whatever route you take, this is a critical battery of key things to start considering. Naturally if you are just renovating the guest bathroom, you may not be as elaborate as the master bathroom. Also you have to look at practicality versus the features a dream bathroom might have. Yes you can create a perfectly functional bathroom that works like clockwork. It can be completely simple with shower, toilet, and vanity garnered with plain white tile and white paint. And this is perfectly ok. But my question to the bathroom remodeler is:

What is the fun in that?

I guess if you have to get a bathroom fixed within tight parameters that is fine. Maybe it is just an extra, guest bathroom, so going frugal makes sense. The same goes for an investment property or your vacation home. Again, economy might be the perfect option. But if you are looking to get more out a bathroom than just utility, it might be prudent to explore what is out there.

Start Seeking bathroom remodeling ideas

Before you even start the search for bids or designs, you need to begin getting bathroom remodeling ideas from a myriad of sources. This can actually be fun.

I can not go over every possible option you could put into your bathroom but I think a little dreaming can go a long way. Some things I think that need to be considered focus heavily on health and creature comforts. Put more specifically, I think it is a waste to not use the bathroom to full potential in health benefits.

The Shower Bath

Let us dream a while about the shower and what it can’t do. First a shower can be nothing more than a functional place to get clean. It can also be a place to:

  • Relax
  • Rejuvenate sore muscles
  • Be an oasis from stress
  • Be a mini vacation

I say go in this direction…

If you ever went on an expensive vacation to get away or thought about spending thousands to go to a spa to relax, take note, a good shower system can be a vacation you get to take everyday. Compare this with many other purchases and you will not get daily use out of a vacation or spa. When viewed as a daily benefit, the cost of investing in an upscale or luxury shower system is really worth it.

An Over The Top Shower Remodeling Pinterest Board

Likewise, I pulled some over the top designs for a shower. Yes I realize that layers of rustic Italian stone might be financial overkill. But it is good to start in a extreme way where you dream, then cut back…

Some things to consider when going for a spa style shower bath are:

Lighting and Sound systems

These can be as elaborate as digitally synchronized light and sound shows that can be activated during shower time. For many this would be over the top, but it might just be a worthwhile investment for your dream shower.

Water manipulation and jets

The right shower offering head and body pressure massage can help work tired and sore muscles. This can be as simple as a deluxe handheld shower head massager to jets that shoot and stimulate your muscles jacuzzi style.

Generous Space

Have you ever sat down in the tub and said, wow this is too much space? If you have, stop reading this and do something else. For most of us space is important in a bath and shower. I don’t want to bump my elbows every time I turn around to grab the shampoo bottle.


Flooring can be very utilitarian for it can be, for lack of a better word, invigorating. While this may seem like a feature more indicative of the bathroom remodeling projects of the rich and famous, heated floors can offer a lot of benefits. First you will not have the freezing cold foot touchdown in the morning or when you get out of the shower. Also, heating that comes from the floor is much more efficient as it heats the fixtures and walls around you, releasing heat slowly and evenly. This of course is in contrast to just pumping hot air in an expensive and non precise way.

Bathroom Remodel Accessory Options

There are endless options you can do to make your bathroom go over the top. Everything from heated towel racks to fully automated toilets, you can get as elaborate as you want. The key is to make sure you are meeting the expressed needs you are considering.

Wall Design And Floor Design

Design of walls and floors may seem like fluff, but it can make a difference in setting the mood for your relaxing bathroom oasis.

The Next Step

Now the fun part. You have to prioritize your wants and needs for your bathroom remodeling job. Once you have set these priorities, then you began the process of selecting a designer, getting contractors, reviewing costs, making the right choices and getting started.

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