Today’s Kitchen, new or remodeled, renovated or just refurbished is more customized than ever. Every cabinet, piece of floor or open space can be converted into usable area. Amazingly many people are upgrading their kitchen and take into account everything into the design except…their cat or dog.

That might seem silly. Why would you alter your kitchen for a pet? Well one good reason is flow. Pet feeding, pet supplies, pet bowls, and of course pet traffic WILL be an integral part of your day to day kitchen experience. To ignore it could reduce the usefulness of the new design or renovations.

Some people have taken this to heart. They have designed kitchens with elements to help manage their cat or dog lifestyle. I listed a few ways here but there are many others.

Dog Island

One area that I thought was well utilized for the pets was the kitchen island. I saw one design where a side of the island has a cutaway with a pet resting area . This is good because when a pet is sitting in the middle of the floor, it disrupts the flow. For Dog lovers, this is well worth it.

Counter Cutaway

I also saw this done at the end of the counter which was a really smart use of space instead of just a surface or shelving.

Pet food hideaway

Another very clever take on this idea was the use of a small drawer that would be almost at floor lever. Using a drawer, you could pull out the pet feeding area at mealtime and then store the drawer away in the cabinet when feeding time was over. Again, this is a great use of space that would have been wasted otherwise.

Kitchen Cabinet Lounge

Another take on this unique concept is an island where the bottom area of a cabinet is a cutaway where a dog or cat can rest. If you are like me, your dog never leaves the kitchen when your in it, and this might be a great way to get them out of the traffic area where you need to walk and move.

Pet Barrier

Finally another great use of space is to use small portion of the lower cabinets to house a pet barrier to keep your dogs in or out. When you are not using them, you just slide them back into the counters. Effective and a great use of space.

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