kitchen remodel for special needsKitchen Remodeling and Renovation For Seniors And Special Needs

I saw an incredible article focusing on a critical segment of the Kitchen Renovation and Remodeling business. That segment is renovations of kitchens for the senior citizen, aging parents, elderly, special needs, and special needs adults. These groups are a key part of the populace and deserve to have a kitchen that works for them and their special needs.

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Senior Kitchen Renovation

The article comes from and has multiple practical ideas to make sure the kitchen works for EVERYONE. Some of the best ideas mentioned in the article are:

  • Make sure you have a 60 inch turning radius in the kitchen for any equipment like a wheel chair.
  • Make sure the kitchen faucet can be reached comfortably without a lot of back strain
  • Counters close to 3 feet tall for easy access
  • Flooring that helps prevent slips and falls

Aging Senior Population

It is not secret that the majority of our population will be seniors as they are the biggest segment of the population. It is not a question of whether they might need a certain type of kitchen renovation, but when. If you do not plan ahead finding places for them to live could get very difficult.

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