Though known for it’s bright sunny and warm summers, there can be cold days in your Virginia Beach or Chesapeake home. A luxury solution for this, that is both cost efficient and energy efficient is in floor heating for your flooring, namely the bathroom.

Bathroom: First choice for heated flooring

I am focusing on the bathroom here because the coldest moment of a winter morning, and Fall, is taking a shower and walking across the cold tile. It is a no brainer to want crisp warm tiles under your feet. But did you know it is also better for your wallet, your health, and the environment

Indulgent But Really Less In The Long Run

While on the surface higher initial costs might be incurred, over the long run heated bathroom floors will pay for themselves. In fact you can save as much as 30% off your heating expenditure for a room that they are installed in.

Naturally heat rises. A system blowing air from the ceiling is naturally going to be working harder to heat an entire room. Then that heat will tend to be distributed unevenly.

In contrast heat rising from a radiant heating system in the floor will transfer heat being stored in the floor. This will then radiate it through the room as heat rises. Heat will immediately make it to your body via your feet. It will also find its way into furniture, appliances which will absorb the heat and steadily release it.

Preventing Allergy Attacks in Virginia Beach With Heated Bathroom Floors

It might seem a little ridiculous. What would a heated floor system have to do with an allergy attack. Well, quite a bit actually. A side benefit is it doesn’t blow around allergens and dust. A typical vent system is a campground for known allergens. And it blows it all over your house. Add in the fact very people change their filters on time, and you can bet allergies in Virginia Beach are affecting you.

Oh and did I mention that Virginia Beach,Norfolk,Chesapeake, and Hampton Roads is known for having lots of allergens.

The Environment And Virginia Beach: Save Power

As much as we love the idea of producing more and more energy to heat and cool our homes, it is probably better for Virginia Beach (and everywhere else) if we can reduce our energy consumption. Even better if we can reduce and not feel a difference in our homes.

So what’s the next step?

Let us show you some options you have for your bathroom remodel with or without radiant floor heating. The quote is FREE.

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